Case Studies

IREM Certified Sustainable Property Designation validates sustainability efforts at Marlowe Lake Boone

Marlowe Lake Boone, a 283 unit multi-family property in Raleigh, NC achieved IREM Certified Sustainable Property designation, which demonstrates the property's commitment to driving meaningful sustainability improvements and enhancing resident experience.

Outlined below are some features and processes that contributed to its certification:

  • Energy: Participation in an efficiency program which provided insulation of all water heaters and piping as well as replacing LED lighting in all units in 2019 at minimal cost to the property.
  • Water: Implementation of various water efficiency measures, including installation of low-flow aerators and toilets, smart irrigation, drought tolerant/native landscaping, xeriscaping, and metering of water subsystems.
  • Resident Engagement: Participation in the ForeverGreen@Home Resident Engagement program, through which the property team shares monthly posters and newsletters with residents on sustainability and wellness topics, in order to enhance awareness and promote a sustainable lifestyle.

Leading by Example - Zero Waste Food Hall at Sun Life Financial Centre

Queen St. Fare is located in the Sun Life Financial Centre, the first building in the Canadian Capital Region to be awarded both LEED-EB Platinum and BOMA BEST® Platinum certifications. The property team at Sun Life Financial Centre worked with local restaurateurs to create a culinary and entertainment experience with low-carbon heat and a commitment to generate zero landfill waste.

  • Restaurant owners committed to using sustainable packaging options - this means that the packaging is compostable and the stainless steel cutlery is repurposed. Much of the paper, which includes napkins, straws and cups, is compostable. Everything else is recycled.
  • Property team worked with cleaning staff to implement recycling strategies, and engaged with waste auditors to develop clear and visually appealing recycling signage.
  • Installed a smart low carbon heating system to lower greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions and utility costs, which is expected to save 220 tCO2e per year. The entire space breathes and adjusts the heating and cooling operations minute by minute - based on the number of people present, the angle of the sun and a dozen other factors.
  • From food to fork, Queen St. Fare at Sun Life Financial Centre is committed to creating an enhanced experience for its occupants through sustainable operational practices.

1st existing building to achieve Zero Carbon Building (ZCB) Performance certification in Canada

In June 2018, 100 Murray Street in Ottawa's was awarded the country's first Zero Carbon Building (ZCB) - Performance certification. This existing 60,000 sq. ft. Class A commercial office space further built upon its proven energy performance results and LEED Gold certification in 2016, to demonstrate that it had achieved a balance of zero carbon emissions from the building:

  • Implemented energy efficiency and carbon reduction measures to demonstrate a balance of zero carbon emissions.
  • Sourced all off-site renewable energy through Bullfrog from Ontario sources.
  • Quantified embodied carbon impact of the building and created a zero carbon transition plan

Learn more here.

LED retrofit project at Bentall 5 results in energy savings

At Bentall Kennedy, we focus on smart strategies designed to keep buildings at the forefront of technology through our culture of continuous innovation. The property management team at Bentall 5, a Class A LEED: EB&OM Platinum certified building prioritized financial and environmental sustainability when planning retrofits for the parkade lighting. Armed with analytics from our proprietary sustainability data management system and by working thoughtfully with consultants, the property team installed a Wi-Fi and Bluetooth enabled lighting control system. This system enables IoT (internet of things) sensors and software applications that optimize building operations and future parking utilization thereby enhancing tenant experience and safety.

The results?

  • Energy reduction of 238,381 kWh
  • Reduction of the building's normalized energy usage intensity by 3.9%
  • Increase in the building's ENERGY STAR rating, from 76 → 83
  • Lighting system is projected to last for 10 years, thereby eliminating the need to replace burnt out lights

This lighting upgrade has generated value by reducing the risk of building obsolescence, saving energy, decreasing costs and enhancing tenant experience.

ForeverGreen Tenant Engagement Program

We strive to engage our tenants as part of a community within our buildings by enabling them to achieve their sustainability objectives. Our ForeverGreen Tenant Engagement Program is implemented in all asset types across North America, including a variation for multi-family properties, called ForeverGreen@Home. Tenant engagement at Bentall Kennedy means equipping tenants with the tools and resources such as posters, videos, and newsletters, to make better operational choices each day, providing a high level of customer service, and a safe, healthy, and productive environment.

The core components of the ForeverGreen Program are:

  • Energy efficiency and carbon emissions
  • Waste diversion
  • Water conservation
  • Healthy spaces

Through this program, tenants are better equipped to make substantive improvements in the sustainable performance of their space. Click here to watch a ForeverGreen monthly video.