Case Studies

Advancing health and well-being goals at Latham Square

Green buildings provide a suitable framework for advancing health and well-being goals. When Bentall Kennedy acquired Latham Square, a boutique office building in Oakland, a key element of the asset acquisition was to invest in new lifestyle amenities. This included a lobby renovation as well as a street level office to retail conversion to create in-building amenities.

The building successfully achieved LEED EB: O&M Platinum certification in 2017, becoming the only multi-tenant building in the market to earn the highest recognition for ongoing sustainable operations. The lobby renovation completed in 2017 provides casual gathering areas, coffee bar, conference center and lounge that enhance the tenant experience of health and well-being.

In 2018, the building will continue to enhance value through sustainability improvements, by onboarding a new waste provider that will implement tenant training and a new hauling schedule. These efforts are anticipated to result in a 20% increase to the waste diversion rate.

Meeting tenant demand in new purpose-built residential rental development projects

Urban live-work-play communities attract young, educated talent with conveniences like bike paths, health-oriented facilities, and convenient access to transit. We invest in these neighborhoods because companies pursuing this pool of employees are following talent to these markets. There is a growing public sentiment that expects the buildings we occupy to adhere to sustainability standards and empower us to make lifestyle choices that benefit the environment too.

Rising in Toronto's Yorkville neighborhood is Two St. Thomas, a joint venture between real estate companies Bentall Kennedy and KingSett Capital that is targeting LEED Gold and Toronto Green Standard Tier II designations. Every fixture has been selected to meet these demands, and every suite has a central master-off switch for in-suite lighting and parking for electric cars. Materials made with recycled content or manufactured locally were given preference in this project, and wood products were selected to be Forest Stewardship Council-certified. As designed, the project is modelled to use 45 percent less energy by cost than the National Energy Code building baseline. The building has a cistern to capture rain water hence diverting it from the city storm water system. Suites are sub-metered for both electricity and water consumption to encourage conservation.

Through operational excellence, health and wellness amenities, and active engagement, Two St. Thomas strives to create an environment that encourages tenant loyalty and enhances value for our clients.

Supporting neighboring communities at our retail centres

We position our buildings to add value for investors by enriching the world outside their front doors. This approach also creates a sense of community within the building, contributing to happier and more loyal tenants. At our retail properties, we support neighboring communities through a huge range of activities, such as charity fundraising, awareness programs and providing space to local community groups. Here are some examples of how some of our retail centres practice this philosophy:

White Oaks Mall

Demonstrating strong community roots and local partnerships, White Oaks Mall offered to collect school supplies and backpacks to help every child go back to school prepared. Mall retailers and shoppers were asked to fill a giant backpack which was set up in the mall with school related materials. To kick off customer participation, White Oaks Mall purchased sports bags, filling 200 of them with retailer coupons, $5 (mall) gift cards, product samples, retailer gift cards and more. The back-to-school partnership ended with the handing out of all 200 grab bags and filling the giant back pack to the brim with supplies. With the collective effort from White Oaks Mall and other local businesses 4,200 backpacks were filled and distributed.

Hazeldean Mall

Creating a shared space for the people come together and connect creates a strong sense of community within a building. The Hazeldean Mall opened a Community Green Room, a dedicated space which is used for community-focused activities including free weekly 55+ Bingo on Tuesdays and free Storytime for Toddlers on Mondays. The Green Room is also used by community groups as a fundraising store front where they can hold craft and bake sales. During spring and summer, local artists will have their work showcased in The Green Room creating a complete community atmosphere.

10 Dundas East

Arts and culture events can foster community linkages and encourage local community involvement and engagement. In 2017, 10 Dundas East partnered with the Ryerson Students Union to organize the Ryerson Vantage Arts Festival. The multi-level complex was transformed into an artistic playground with interactive displays, live music, graffiti art and an Art Battle to mention a few. The collaboration with Ryerson Students Union on this initiative was well received by retailers, guests and students attracting hundreds of people to the centre.

Milton Mall

Educating the next generation on environmental issues is essential. Milton Mall ran free environmental awareness programming for children ages 4 to 12 each weekday during March Break, under the theme of Junior Earth Rangers. The average attendance was between 180 to 210 kids. The kids enjoyed interactive games, crafts and treats related to daily themes that focused on topics such as oceans & water conservation, forest & trees, and recycling.

ForeverGreen Tenant Engagement Program

We strive to engage our tenants as part of a community within our buildings by enabling them to achieve their sustainability objectives. Our ForeverGreen Tenant Engagement Program is implemented in all asset types across North America, including a variation for multi-family properties, called ForeverGreen@Home. Tenant engagement at Bentall Kennedy means equipping tenants with the tools and resources to make better operational choices each day, providing a high level of customer service, and a safe, healthy, and productive environment.

The core components of the ForeverGreen Program are:

  • Energy efficiency and carbon emissions
  • Waste diversion
  • Water conservation
  • Healthy spaces

Through this program, tenants are better equipped to make substantive improvements in the sustainable performance of their space.