Bentall Kennedy - Canadian Real Estate Plus+

Canadian Real Estate Plus Investment Objective

The fund's objective is to provide investors with stable income returns combined with value appreciation potential through investment in a diversified mix of office, industrial, retail, multi-family residential, and other income producing properties and land in Canada through an investment in Prime Canadian.

The fund aims to provide its investors with greater liquidity than is generally available in direct real estate investing by maintaining a portfolio that includes units of Prime Canadian as well as cash and securities of exchange traded funds that provide passive exposure to a widely recognized Canadian REIT index.

Canadian Real Estate Plus Investment Strategy

The Canadian Real Estate Plus fund invests primarily in Prime Canadian, which owns a diversified portfolio of income-producing real estate assets located in major Canadian markets.

The "Plus" name of the fund refers to an enhanced liquidity component which includes investments in cash or cash equivalents, as well as exchange traded funds that provide exposure to a widely recognized Canadian REIT index. The fund will target an overall allocation of between 20% and 30% of its assets to this component, with generally no more than 10% of its assets exposed to public REIT index ETFs. Because Prime Canadian reflects the illiquidity of its underlying real estate investments, the cash and REIT investments are intended to meet normal course investor liquidity needs. If they are insufficient, the fund could be required to suspend or delay redemption.

Bentall Kennedy Approach & Philosophy

Bentall Kennedy is a disciplined real estate manager. We are our clients' advocates and trusted stewards. Their interests come first in all we do. Our absolute integrity is reflected in transparency and disclosure that leads the real estate investment industry.

We promote a corporate culture that attracts, engages, advances and retains the highest calibre people. We give our real estate specialists the resources to work effectively, and we reward our people for exceeding client expectations.

In managing our clients' real estate assets, our goal is to deliver strong, consistent investment performance through:

As a North American leader in Responsible Property Investing, we are proactive in implementing property investment and management strategies that enable our clients to mitigate risk and benefit from the financial, reputational and competitive rewards of addressing associated environmental, social and governance issues.

Read research publication: Northern Exposure Why commercial real estate in Canada? Why now? by Carl Gomez. Published in the Institutional Real Estate Letter - Americas, April 2013