Bentall Kennedy - Canadian Real Estate Plus+

Bentall Kennedy's Canadian Real Estate Plus Fund Overview

The Canadian Real Estate Plus fund provides exposure to a diversified portfolio of direct commercial real estate investments, with higher liquidity than direct real estate investing. It enables plan members to have exposure to direct real estate investments with significantly less exposure to general stock market conditions than a Real Estate Investment Trust ("REIT"), in which prices are often tied to broad market performance in addition to the performance of the underlying real estate assets. The "Plus" in the name of the fund refers to its investments in cash or cash equivalents, as well as publicly-traded REIT index ETFs.

The Canadian Real Estate Plus fund gains exposure to real estate through an investment in Bentall Kennedy Prime Canadian Property Fund Limited Partnership ("Prime Canadian"), which is managed by Bentall Kennedy and available only to institutional investors. Prime Canadian has grown significantly since its inception 35 years ago and currently holds $4.9 billion in assets under management as of March 31st, 2018.

Fund Structure

Fund Structure
Note: % amount are targeted amounts only. The actual allocations to various investments will vary from time to time.