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Bentall Kennedy's experience with real estate development dates back to the company's inception, over 100 years ago, with a business that has stood the test of time in delivering buildings at the centre of Canada's most thriving cities today. We pride ourselves on delivering smart, sustainable buildings across all asset classes that respond to the present and future needs of tenants while generating long term value for our clients and partners.

Bentall Kennedy develops for the long term. This long term outlook is instilled with a focus on building with the highest standards of quality and the perspective to ensure that our buildings are well-positioned to evolve with social and technological change. Our development projects are present in all major markets across Canada, spanning the full range of asset classes, including: mixed-use, multi-res, office, industrial and retail property. We approach design, development, and construction with building performance in mind; our fiduciary mindset demands it.

Development Services Team

Our in-house expertise in development, design, planning and construction prides itself on leveraging input from our leasing and operations teams, drawing on their local market knowledge to continually refine and inform our projects.


We take great pride in our fiduciary responsibility on behalf of our clients to deliver solid, long term investment results. Our expertise extends to joint ventures and collaborations with likeminded firms with a common vision for quality and long term performance of our projects.


Since 2003, we have developed or redeveloped in excess of $2.4 billion and more than 12 million square feet of real estate across Canada, with all projects substantially on time and on budget.

Current Initiatives

Our Team

Tony Astles

Tony Astles

Managing Partner
Head of Canadian Real Estate Services

Brad Caco

Brad Caco

Managing Director
Development, Eastern Canada

Andre Chilcott

Andre Chilcott

Residential Development, Design

Development Projects

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Project Completed Square feet LEED Status
thumbnail image Bentall 5
Vancouver, BC
2007 540,000 BGold
Certification Complete
thumbnail image 745 Thurlow
Vancouver, BC
2015 418,000 BGold
Certification Complete
thumbnail image Broadway Tech Centre #1-8
Vancouver, BC
2015 1,000,000+ APlatinum and Gold
Certification Complete
thumbnail image Interior Health Authority
Kelowna, BC
2016 163,000 Z
thumbnail image B6
Vancouver, BC
Construction start
December 2018
534,000 ZLEED Gold
thumbnail image Park & Tilford
North Vancouver, BC
Exterior renovation
2009 170,524 Z
thumbnail image Tamarack Centre
Cranbrook, BC
2010 275,174 Z
thumbnail image Village Green Mall
Vernon, BC
2009 364,474 Z
thumbnail image Westshore Village
Victoria, BC
2009 67,237 Z
thumbnail image Westgate Centre
Maple Ridge, BC
Exterior upgrade
2009 170,221 Z
thumbnail image Viridian
Vancouver, BC
Under Construction 90,000 ZLEED Gold
thumbnail image 2102 Keith Drive Development permit 163,000 ZLEED Gold
thumbnail image Post Office
Vancouver, BC
ZUnder Construction 1,700,000+ Z
thumbnail image CBE - Tower
Calgary, AB
2010 220,013 BSilver
Certification Complete
thumbnail image CBE - Safran
Calgary, AB
2010 58,066 Z
thumbnail image IBM Corporate Park
Buildings B & C
Calgary, AB
20082007 - B
2008 - C
352,396 Z
thumbnail image Jamieson Place
Calgary, AB
2010 880,000 BGold
Certification Complete
thumbnail image Livingston Place
Calgary, AB
2007 844,000 BGold
Certification Complete
thumbnail image Stuart Olson Dominion Office
Winnipeg, MB
2012 25,600 Z
thumbnail image Yellowhead Crossing Business Park
Edmonton, AB
2015 900,000 Z
thumbnail image 200 Discovery Place
Winnipeg, MB
2013 153,000 Z
thumbnail image 25 Meridian
Winnipeg, MB
2014 40,000 Z
thumbnail image Nose Creek Business Park Building
Balzac, AB
2016 400,000 Z
thumbnail image 1515 New Residential Tower
Calgary, AB
2016 108,500 Z
thumbnail image Portfolio 1 Residential Tower
Calgary, AB
2016 157,500 Z
thumbnail image Sheldon Chumir
Calgary, AB
2008 272,825 Z
thumbnail image 6696 Financial Drive
Mississauga, ON
2009 70,000 BGold
Certification Complete
thumbnail image Parkways West
Mississauga, ON
2009 98,444 Z
thumbnail image 7125 Mississauga Road
Mississauga, ON
2011 125,000 BGold
Certification Complete
thumbnail image 5875 Explorer
Mississauga, ON
2013 51,000 BGold
Certification Complete
thumbnail image 6875 Financial
Mississauga, ON
0Site Plan Application
126,000 BGold
Certification Complete
thumbnail image 490 Pinebush Road
Cambridge, ON
2012 160,000 Z
thumbnail image Westmount Shopping Centre
London, ON
2016 561,792 Z
thumbnail image Willow West
Guelph, ON
2014 184,972 Z
thumbnail image 2 St. Thomas, Yorkville
Toronto, ON
2018 209,939 BGold
Certification Complete
thumbnail image NOVUS, Liberty Village
Toronto, ON
Under Construction 634,435 ZLEED Gold
thumbnail image 45 Strachan Re-submitted for Site Plan Approval
December 2018
359,020 ZLEED Gold