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Bentall Kennedy is one of North America's largest real estate investment advisors with 1,000+ employees and over 100 years of history.

Backed by Sun Life Financial, one of the largest global financial services organizations in the world, Bentall Kennedy provides real estate investment advisory and management services to over 530 global institutional investors and other public and private institutions.

Through over a century of real estate leadership, we are recognized for our global achievement in sustainability and robust research-driven investment approach. We strive to deliver on forward thinking investment strategies, sound risk management and outstanding long term investment performance for our clients.

Stewards of Capital

We will be outstanding stewards of our clients' capital and their individual beneficiaries' retirement savings.

Strategic Investing

We will invest and manage our clients' real estate assets strategically and responsibly.

Exceeding Expectations

We will exceed our clients' and tenants' expectations as their preferred and most trusted partner, fiduciary and service provider.