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Delivering world class environmental, social and governance performance for our clients and communities.

NEW 2019 Corporate Responsibility Summary

"As real estate investment managers and stewards of millions of hard-working people's retirement savings, we are aware of the impact of our decisions today on the well-being of cities and communities tomorrow."

- Gary Whitelaw, CEO, Bentall Kennedy Group

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Reduce risk and increase net operating income

We incorporate sustainability factors into our investment strategy to maximize value, manage risk and support stable, long-term returns.



Enhance tenant loyalty

We create stronger tenant-landlord relationships by working with tenants to achieve their sustainability objectives and operate within superior environments.



Align with business priorities

We integrate sustainability and business objectives into annual incentive plans for our employees while providing sustainable workplace environments that align with our values.



Create positive impact

We focus on health & well-being and creation of sustainable communities, both inside and outside our buildings.



Advance thought leadership

We coordinate with industry to share information, adopt best practices, and advance thought leadership.

We manage environmental, social and governance risk to generate long term value for our clients.

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The environment is our shared domain and we all must do our part to protect it for the future. Using a research-based approach we strive to mitigate portfolio obsolescence risk, drive performance and reduce property operating costs through energy and GHG management, water usage and waste reduction strategies. Our efforts are focused on managing long-term climate risk across our portfolios through climate resilience and adaptation efforts to ensure the buildings we invest in today thrive tomorrow.

  • We use energy, water and waste analytics captured through our proprietary sustainability data management system to drive performance at the asset level.
  • We benchmark property-level environmental performance against best practices to inform budget decisions, enhance reporting and develop strategies to continuously improve.
  • We participate in accredited third party certification programs, such as LEED, BOMA BEST, IREM, Fitwel, WELL, and ENERGY STAR, to validate our efforts and benchmark against our competitors.

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We embrace our role as co-creators of communities and strive to play an active role in the preservation and growth of the communities in which we invest. Our Positive Impact approach is focused on impact based social initiatives that address related investor, tenant and community interest, and align to international frameworks such as the United Nation's Sustainable Development Goals.

  • We focus on communities that provide social amenities where people are increasingly choosing to live, work and play.
  • We encourage our tenants to play an active role in sustainability and health and wellness initiatives through our ForeverGreen Tenant Engagement Program.
  • We develop and deepen relationships with communities through philanthropy, employee-driven volunteerism, and our Blue Team network which spans 12 cities across North America.

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We forge strong relationships with our clients through good governance, accountability and transparency - all of which are central to our fiduciary role and related responsibilities. We work with our clients to understand their needs, risk profiles, return expectations and to continually align interests, advance their sustainability objectives, and update strategies at both the portfolio and property levels.

  • We rigorously assess sustainability risk and opportunity through extensive risk management systems.
  • We have an ISO 14001 certified Environmental Management System to ensure successful implementation of programs and demonstrate our commitment to continuous improvement.
  • We disclose sustainability performance and practices to GRI, GRESB, and UN PRI, demonstrating our commitment to transparency.

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Ranked among the top firms globally for our commitment to sustainable investing for eight consecutive years


Received an "A+" for Strategy and Governance and an "A" for Property Investing on our PRI Signatory report


ENERGY STAR Sustained Excellence Winner for nine consecutive years (2011-2019)

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